tenderbearhugs said: I want to put him and louis in a t shirt canon and shoot them into the ocean

that could work! leave them on an island for a couple years with bell hooks and only bell hooks and come back and see what happens!

@clovavavoom said: or like.. that family member you avoid at all costs

dive rolling under the kitchen table whenever he comes along!

@space-bakery said: me n my friend bryce always call him “your older sister’s annoying boyfriend”

LMAO that’s totally perfect!!! he probably does a really terrible quagmire impression and nods along seriously when you’re talking about some douchebag at work and just when you think you’re getting somewhere he says ‘but he was probably just trying to flirt with you! give him a chance, not all guys are like that!’

i live in such a bubble in wellington - all my friends are labour/greens and i literally don’t know anyone my age who’s national??? i just can’t understand how you can vote that way after everything. i just- ugh.

god, right? i honestly - there’s this cognitive dissonance here like i just can’t fucking understand it! i don’t know what they see when they see john key i don’t know what they hear when they listen to their policies like none of it makes any fucking SENSE.

lethifolds said: like i’m not shocked??? but I am v disappointed. so depressing arghhhh, need more alcohol tbh

yeah, neither - i mean i wasn’t expecting such a fucking terrible result, but basically the same. it’s so fucking horrible how this just proves how many fucking selfish assholes exist and just literally do not GIVE A SINGLE FUCK.